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When it comes to paid advertising options, a smart Google AdWords campaign is still one of the most cost-effective and productive methods your business can employ. 

You can get more bang for your buck – or pound – with prime placement on the world’s number one search engine, where you only pay if a user clicks on your ad and heads to your page.


Google Ads

Even better – and we know how important this is to business types – you control the purse strings. You have detailed control of how much you’re willing to pay for each click, as well as total budget allocation per day/week/month. Cost-per-click is determined by the keywords you choose, which we can advise on to ensure the most effective marketing strategy for your industry.

There’s a reason Google is now the by-word for an internet search, and it’s not just because nobody asks Jeeves anymore. With over 1.2 billion regular users and 3.5 billion searches a day – that’s 40,000 PER SECOND – Google dominates worldwide.

In the UK, over 90% of online searches are through Google, so if you want to be seen, you need to be front and centre on the Google search terms you’re targeting.

How does 

The Google AdWords platform is made up of Search, Display, Remarketing & Shopping:

  • Search Advertising: Placing sponsored results to appear atop the Google listings for a chosen keyword, with each keyword priced differently.
  • Display Advertising: Text, still and/or moving image ads that appear on third-party sites such as industry blogs.
  • Remarketing: Targeted advertising at users who’ve already visited your site at some point.
  • Google Shopping: Being displayed as an online seller when users search for an

What if my last campaign

This is what we’ve heard from several clients who have gone on to have successful Google AdWords campaigns with us. The problem isn’t with Google AdWords, it’s with individuals and agencies who think they can wing it and just throw money at a campaign to guarantee a quality ROI.

That’s a bit like saying that throwing a load of paint at a wall is going to get you a Picasso.

We may not know much about painting, but thankfully we know paid advertising, and have helped more than a few clients who’ve been burned in the past to turn their next Google AdWords campaign into something beautiful. By which we mean it brought in quality leads and sales that earned them many times their original investment.

We can extensively research your specific market – yes, we actually have team members who love extensive research – to offer projections into whether Google Ads could be profitable for you. Google AdWords can be a short-term or long-term solution, depending on budget and business needs.

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Begin your Google Ads

We have helped many clients to utilise paid ads to grow their business quickly. In many cases, we also begin to grow your SEO more naturally over time to allow you to achieve an increasing level of free web traffic that allows you to reduce your AdWords spend over time.

Get in touch today to talk to us about how we could execute a highly optimised Google AdWords campaign that fits your budget. You can call us on 0151 321 2320 or message us via our Contact form to let us know more of your paid advertising needs.



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