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Branding strategy

Your company persona is essentially what you make it, but the influence of great branding is in finding the right way to influence how your target audience sees you.

In a highly visual online culture, look and feel is key for sure, with many of the most successful companies also utilising their brand as a platform for their marketing. It’s more than just finding a logo, it’s developing an identity that people want to connect with. Good branding is focused on inspiring and being memorable, but also built to generate sales. You are the brand; it’s a branding agency’s job to draw out the core identity and share that with the widest audience possible. 

Our branding options

Our approach involves a few different key stages, with our branding service ensuring you receive Brand Strategy, Brand Creation, a Brand Guideline Document and Brand Touch-ups.

Importantly, you work with our team of experts directly, a team who have helped develop a variety of brands at different points of their growth. We Are Web serve as a brand strategy and branding agency who fully understand the various factors that lead to branding success in a digital landscape that operates at a lightning speed.

Every year, new social media platforms emerge; there is constant advancement, with viral videos, rising mobile phone adoption, streams of memes and countless ways to engage.

The digital branding of your business

As a branding agency, we stay on our toes to ensure that all the fundamentals of branding are maintained for the long-term success of your company. We value our clients, working with start-ups, SMEs and larger corporations, irrespective of their operations. Our focal point as a branding agency is to help our business clients by providing advice where it is needed, refining the strategies as we go, to give the best possible chance of increased revenue and a long-term partnership that will benefit both of us.

You no doubt know your business well, but you may not yet be up with all of the latest trends happening across the key digital platforms. This is where We Are Web come in; as a digital agency with a global focus, we can assure you that your business will get the best possible chance of the online coverage it deserves; helping you to reach your target audience who can then convert into paying customers to generate revenue for your business. 

Becoming your Digital Growth Partner

As your full-service digital growth partner, we make it our passion to make sure that your brand exists in the minds of your customers. This is what they picture in mind when they read or hear of your brand name. At We Are Web, we do this by creating great, attractive digital assets, from social posts, to content marketing pieces, to stand-out websites; assets that portray your passion and sell your brand.

Having a visually striking website with lots of information will keep your customers coming back to the site on a regular basis,  as what you have to offer is likely to maintain their interest. We can create and design a full site, or an external blog, or create singular pieces of content as part of a content marketing strategy, considering everything from the right colours to represent your products and/or services, the font sizes, the topics covered and the tone of voice, among many other factors.

Studies suggests that over 40% of potential buyers will make a decision on which sites to visit, and potentially even purchase from, based on the visual quality of their site. From the images (and messaging) on the site, they are able to make an informed decisions on whether to buy, refer or go for an alternative product altogether.

Branding has and will always be about connectedness. We have a deep understanding of and passion for this connectedness, with our branding agency focused on creating and maintaining the right connection between your business, your target audience and your brand.

If you want to know more about any of our digital branding options, whether in web design, content marketing or elsewhere, please get in touch with us today.

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